Agency One is a full service advertising agency that specialises in Advertising, Design, Web, Copywriting and Digital Marketing. We offer a mix of creative design and conceptualisation together with business savvy and knowhow.

Companies with a strong digital presence generate as much as 60% of all new business from Google searches.  If your business does not have a website with good search engine optimisation (SEO) then you are limiting your ability to source new business.  It is essential that todays business have a strong and effective web presence.

Agency One is at the forefront of today’s automated world with its incredible artificial intelligence and analytical tools. Agency One is an advertising agency that is run on art and science.

Agency One is a division of Ricochet Publishing.  Other divisions include RNEWS, Home Food and Travel, Kids Connection, Bargain Buys and Wedding and Function.

What is a full service
advertising agency?

A full service advertising agency is capable of providing all the marketing and advertising needs of a business. This includes a big picture marketing strategy and all the elements that go towards making this strategy effective.

A full service advertising agency may also only assist the marketing department of a business with certain elements of the company’s marketing strategy.

These elements include , Advertising, Design, Web, Copywriting and Digital Marketing, and their effective application to the internet and other more traditional media such as magazines, radio, video and billboards. As such, Agency One is a full service advertising agency.

Advertising, Design, Web, Copywriting, Digital Marketing

Agency One prides itself on its graphic design knowledge and experience. Our team has been involved in graphic design for over 20 years.

In recent years we have ensured that we are at the forefront of the digital era and have adapted our graphic design skills to suite the new, web based media.

Our services include the logo design and development and all the items that make up a corporate identity. From business cards to vehicle livery, from brochures to digital adverts that pop and flash, we have the skills to make your brand instantly recognisable.

One of Agency One’s major strengths is copywriting. Our team have been writing copy for advertising campaigns for many years and have upgraded our skills to include key search word functionality.

This is probably the single most important change to the copywriting business since the printing press.

Almost 60% of all new business comes from people using search engines on their cell phones and computers to find a solution to their need for goods and services. We specialise in making sure our copy lands our customers on the first page of a search engine result.

Agency One has developed some unique and highly effective digital marketing tools of our own.  We also have a very thorough understanding of the digital environment and how best to use it to generate business.

Digital marketing and advertising is more of a science than an art and it is vital to understand the use of analytical tools that can ensure advertising connects with the right audience.

We make use of some very powerful analytical tools to make sure our digital marketing and advertising campaigns achieve the desired success.

The primary objective of website development

Website development is an art.  The primary objective of website development  is to have a website rank first on any search engine results for the name, goods and/or services offered by the company.

Why? Because 60% of all new business is generated through a search engine result!

If somebody has a burst geyser, they will simply type “plumber” into the search function of Google or any other search engine and contact the first plumber that Google presents. If they are wanting to find a restaurant they will type in “restaurant (Location)” and Google will supply them with a list and map of all the restaurants in the area.

As a business, you want your goods and/or services to rank number one on the Google rankings. Research has shown that business ranked as number one receive twice as many contacts as businesses ranked at number two, who receive twice as many contacts as businesses ranked at number three and so on.

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